Kirsten Seestern Christoffersen

Kirsten Seestern Christoffersen


Medlem af:

    • Structure, growth and regulation of plankton populations in lakes and ponds
    • Ecological implications of toxic cyanobacteria for other aquatic biota, wildlife and man 
    • Implications of climate changes on freshwater lakes and ponds
    • Biomanipulatopn and restoration of lakes
    • Ecology of Arctic lakes


    • Basic and advanced courses in aquatic ecology
    • Advanced courses in Arctic biology
    • Supervising of Master and PhD students
    • Organizing international research and PhD courses

    Other activities

    • Appointed as member of the board of Arctic Station, Greenland
    • Steering group member of Circummpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program
    • Ad hoc member of the evaluation committee for the Finnish Academy, the Swedish anf Norwegian Research Consil


    Cand et lic scient

    ID: 7228