Kasper Jakob Steensgaard Jensen

Kasper Jakob Steensgaard Jensen


PhD student

Scientific area

Agronomist wtih special skills within the essential agricultural area of agrohydrology and modelling of water and nutrient fluxes in soil-plant-systems.

Over the last three years i´ve been working with drainage of danish soils and the corresponding effects on the plant production system.

The work has been carried out throw intensive monitoring of plant and water in field trials and afterwards model work with the mechanistic simulation model "Daisy" of the physical and biological processes in the field.

Current project

Currently I´m working on the PhD-project "Drainage and Plantproduction" wich is a part of the INNO+ Programme "Future Cropping". The main objective of this project is to quantify the effects of inadequate drainage on harvest yields in cereals under varying water table conditions, and to use this knowledge to improve the soil-crop-atmosphere system model DAISY.

The Project have the following succes critiria:

  • Quantification of drainage effects, on growth and yields of modern cereal varieties, related to the ground water table depth and fluctuations within the growth season and over different seasons. 
  • Identification of the primary growth factors related to drainage giving yield effects under different soil and weather conditions.
  • Improvement of the Daisy model regarding the simulation of impacts of drainage on crop yields and the environment leading to a better tool for decision support in plant production and water resource management issues. 
  • Improvement of the knowledge basis for risk assessment of nutrient losses coupled to different drainage conditions, achieved primarily through an improved description of the crop response to water logging.

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