Johannes Ljungberg

Johannes Ljungberg


Since 2017 I hold a PhD in history from Lund University, and I am scholarly active as researcher, lecturer and editor. I specialize in early modern cultural history of Northern Europe, with special attention to religious practices and urban spaces.

My research centres on various dilemmas of human co-existence: limits of toleration, privacy and private matters, notions of peace on specific local levels, and eighteenth-century reforms motivated by a mix of Enlightenment rationales and confessional culture.

My research at PRIVACY (April 2020–June 2023) focuses on urban community and co-existence in the centre’s case studies on late seventeenth-century Helmstedt and eighteenth century Altona. More precisely, I investigate conflicts involving notions of privacy in relation to protection of private conversations, public regulation of urban spaces and social relations, and intrusions in private and semi-public rooms and houses. I also dedicate my time to map out how the results of the research program relate to grand theories on privacy and community, as well as different processes of privatization and state intervention along the early modern period.

I am the editor-in-chief of the peer-review journal "1700-tal: Nordic Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies", and the co-editor of the book "Reason and Orthodoxy. Religious Enlightenment in the Nordic countries" (forthcoming at Manchester University Press, 2022). I am also working on a project on Johann Conrad Dippel (1673–1734).

Besides my work at PRIVACY, I am editor-in-chief of the peer-review journal 1700-tal: Nordic Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies. I am also co-editor for two volumes that will appear in 2022: Reason and Orthodoxy. Religious Enlightenment in the Nordic countries (together with Erik Sidenvall), and Talking in private. Tracing private conversations in early modern Europe (together with Natacha Klein Käfer). 

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