Ingrid Leth

Ingrid Leth



1973. Graduated in Psychology, cand.psych. from the University of Copenhagen,

1973-74. Teacher in Psychology at a High school.

1973-1975. Teacher at the School of Social Work, Cph.

1973-76. Attached as clinician to an open free  couns­elling clinic.

1974-76. Clinical Child Psychologist at a Children's Hospital, 'Fuglebakken', Copenhagen.

1976-1978. Post graduate training in child- and family therapy at the Institute of clinical Psycholo­gy, Copenhagen.

1978-1982. Assistant Professor at the Institute of Clinical Psychology.

1982- 99: Associate professor at the Institute of Clini­cal

1996-99 : Elected head of Institute of Clinical Psycho­logy.

1999 -2001: senior adviser at UNICEF, HQ, Child Protection Section, PG, NY . Focal point on the following issues:

  • Sexual exploitation of children
  • Trafficking of children
  • Violence against children

2002 -2003: Temporary consultant on Child Protection Child & Adolescent Health and Development at WHO, Regional Office for Europe.

2002 -:  Associate professor at the institute of Psychology, University of Copenhagen

2002 - ; ERASMUS  and Nordplus Co-ordinator for the Department of Psychology


Invited to make presentations and workshops for professionals in Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland regarding the issues of sexual abuse of children.

1991: Invited to lecture and demonstrate training for professionals in Estonia, regarding child sexual abuse.

1984-1988: Attached to a radio counselling program on the state radio.

1989-1994: Consultant in acute trauma therapy for staffs in banks and malls, who had been exposed to robbery.

1995: Invited to do training programs  for professionals in Estonia , regarding child protection,

1997: Consultant for Save the Children, Denmark, concerning sex tourism.

2002: Rapporteur at as seminar on prevention of Corporal Punishment organised by the Council of Europe, Strasbourg.

2004 . In collaboration with UNICEF Denmark and the Council for children (Børnerådet) I have organised a conference: Stop violence against children in Copenhagen.

2004: November and December: leave from University of Copenhagen to carry out a consultancy for UNICEF Denmark and the regional office of UNICEF Geneva: an accountability study regarding state measures to comply with CRC obligations regarding violence against children in care.

2006 In collaboration with UNICEF Denmark and the Council for children (Børnerådet) I have organised a conference: The Global study on violence against children in Copenhagen.



  • Development of children raised in poor families,
  • Child sexual abuse,
  • Conductor of a Danish survey of the prevalence of child sexual abuse 1989.
  • Juvenile sex offenders.
  • Children sexually abused by caregivers in kindergartens.
  • Small children placed in institutions (partner in the EU programme DAPHNE)
  • Children' s anxiety ,



  • regarding sexually traumatised children and their families.
  • for the municipalities of two Danish towns with severe cases of child sexual abuse in institutions.
  • for institutions for mentally disabled children
  • for staff in kindergartens .
  • Child Psycho therapy with children with anxiety (University Clinic)



1987: Received an award from a Danish Children's  Society together with the staff of the radio counsel­ling program.

1988-1990: Member of the Ethical committee of the Danish Psychologi­cal Association.

1992: Member of the scientific Board of the Ninth interna­tional Con­gress on Child Abuse and Neglect, Chicago.

1992: Received The Inge Lehmann Grant in order to do re­search abroad. (12,500$)

2003: Invited to participate in a NATO seminar on: Traumatised children in a post war situation, Slovenia.

2003: nominated as international co-ordinator for student and teacher exchange for Psychology.

2003: Nominated as member of a national Danish committee to develop and monitor initiatives to prevent prostitution in Denmark.

2004 : Invited to participate in a NATO seminar on children's trauma, Slovakia.

2005: Appointed as member of the child expert panel for UNICEF Denmark.

2006: Invited by UNICEF Denmark for the  NGO representation at OHCHR regarding the Convention on the Rights of the Child regarding the optional protocol on Sale of children, child Prostitution and child Pornography.



Danish: Mother tongue

English : Understands, speaks and writes fluently.

French: Understands, speaks and writes reasonably. ( 5 courses taken at the UN School of Languages, passed three examines and conversation courses at level 7 out of 8).

German : Understands, speaks and writes fluently.

Romanian: Some knowledge in reading and speaking. Passed first examine at the University of Lund, Sweden.



Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 



Cand. psych.

ID: 9205