Ian James Manners

Ian James Manners

Ian Manners works at the nexus of critical social theory and the study of the European Union in planetary politics.  His current research interest looks at the EU and planetary politics at the intersections of  global society, economy, environment, conflict, and politics. In global society he focuses on the promotion of human rights and equality. In global economics he focuses on the promotion of freedom and social solidarity. In global environment he focuses on the promotion of sustainable development and addressing global warming. In global conflict he focuses on the promotion of sustainable peace and the rule of law. In global politics he focuses on the promotion of democracy and good governance. 

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Ian Manners and Associate Professor Kennet Lynggaard (Roskilde University) recently completed a 4-year research project into 'Symbols and Myths in European Integration' funded by the Danish Social Science Research Council (FSE).

Primære forskningsområder

  • British, Danish and Swedish relationships to the European Union
  • British 'third country' status in the European Union
  • the Danish and Swedish exclusions from the European Union
  • the European Union’s normative power in planetary politics
  • critical social theory of European union
  • symbols and myths in European integration
  • planetary politics
  • international public administration
  • global public governance
  • glocal environmental governance
  • popular political culture
  • political cinema

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Aktuel forskning

Ian Manners has contributed to five major handbooks of European/EU politics/studies and political psychology:

In 2007 the members of the European Union Studies Association voted ‘Normative Power Europe: A Contradiction in Terms?’ (Journal of Common Market Studies, 2002) by Ian Manners one of the five most important academic EU works of the last decade. The other four works were by Prof. Liesbet Hooghe and Prof. Gary Marks (University of North Carolina), Prof. Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton University), Prof. Mark Pollack (Temple University), and Prof. Fritz Scharpf (Max Planck Institute). The Normative Power Approach (NPA) has subsequently received over 9.000 citations on Google Scholar, over 3.000 citations on Scopus, and over 2.500 citations on Web of Science, reflecting its leading contribution to the international political theory of the European Union.

Books published

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Ian Manners teaches European politics, international relations, international public administration, international political economy, international political theory, and the politics of climate change. He teaches on the Masters' specialisations in the Politics of Environment, Climate, and SustainabilityInternational Political Economy, and European Politics He is Blended Learning Coordinator for the Department of Political Science, responsible for promoting Active Learning. He has been nominated for University Teacher of the Year Award in 2018 and 2019. Some of his courses include:

  • The European Union as a Global Actor (masters)
  • Politics of the Environment and Climate Change (masters)
  • Planetary Politics (masters)
  • Political Cinema (masters)
  • Glocal Environmental Governance (masters)
  • Popular Political Culture (masters)
  • Theories and Issues in International Political Economy (masters)
  • Symbols and Myths in European Integration (masters)
  • Global Public Governance (masters)
  • International Public Administration (bachelors)

Recent PhD supervision includes the following topics:

  • Marina Lambert (University of Copenhagen) - 'European Identity Construction in the Eurozone Crisis: between Strategy and Narrative'.
  • Christine Søby (University of Copenhagen) – ‘The Diplomacy of Transitioning: Symbols and Myths in EU Diplomacy'.
  • Sanne Brasch Kristensen (Roskilde Unversity) - ‘Mutual Recognition between Regional International Societies within Global International Society: the Cases of the EU-ASEAN Political Contestation of Myanmar and the EU-SADC Political Contestation of Zimbabwe'.
  • Jesper Kelstrup (Roskilde University) - 'Think Tanks in Europe: Explaining their Development and Variation in Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark and at the EU-level'.
  • Tamara Hoch Jovanovic (Roskilde University) - 'Reinventing National Minority Rights through European Integration: from Top-down to Bottom-up Europeanisation'
  • Ted Baird (joint Roskilde University/DIIS) - ‘A System of Survival: Human Smuggling from East Africa to Turkey'.

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