Henriette Lyng Røder

Henriette Lyng Røder

Tenure Track Adjunkt

With a strong research background in studying the complex and diverse interactions between microorganisms, I am dedicated to advancing our understanding of the microbial world. My expertise lies in deciphering bacterial interactions and consequences of microbial community dynamics within various domains.

My objective is to provide a comprehensive understanding of these interactions by exploring the mechanisms that govern them. I am particularly interested in the cooperative and competitive relationships between microorganisms, with a special emphasis on biofilm dynamics, the impact of horizontal gene transfer and co-evolutionary processes among bacterial species. Through my research I strive to reveal the fundamental principles that shape microbial communities and their functions to find novel ways of exploiting their potential. The goal is to contribute to the development of sustainable and efficient strategies for microbial control and management in food production processes.

If you are passionate about exploring the fascinating world of microbial interactions and seeking a stimulating research environment, feel free to reach out with any questions or express your interest in joining my research activities. 

ID: 45582252