Helle S. Waagepetersen

Helle S. Waagepetersen

Professor, Institutleder

  • Nationalitet: Dansk
  • Civil Status: gift, 2 børn


  • Awards: 1997 H.C. Ørsted Award from Royal Danish School of Pharmacy; 2000 Post doctoral fellowship, FSS; 2004 Bøje Benzon stipend, The Benzon Foundation; 2007 The students Teaching award at Pharma, UCPH, 2007
  • Funding ID 2008- (Euro): 2008-2011 FSS 193.000; 2008-2010 Lundbeck Fonden 230.000; 2008 Carlsberg Fonden 25.000; 2009-2011 FSS, virkemiddel: Kvindelige Forskningsledere: 770.000
  • Invited presentations: 1998 American Soc. of Neurochem., New Orleans, USA; 1999 + 2008 First and Fourth Wierzba Conference, Poland; 2000 Winter Brain, Breckenridge, USA; 2003 American Soc. of Neurochem., New Port Beach, USA; 2004 6th Int. Brain Energy Meeting, Crete, Greece; 2004 American Soc. of Neurochem, New York, USA; 2005 American Soc. of Neurochem., Madison, USA.; 2005 Elected young investigator & speaker, the 20th Biennial Meeting of the Int. Soc. Neurochem.; 2008 10th Int. Neurosci Winter Conf., Sölden, Austria; 2009 American Soc. of Neurochem., Charleston, USA; 2009 The 22nd Biennial Meeting of the Int. Soc. Neurochem, Busan, Korea,
  • Referee for: GLIA, J.Neurosci.Res., Neurosci., J. Physiol., J. Cereb .Blood flow and Met., J.Neurochem.; Neurochem.Res., Neurosci. Let.
  • Editorial board member: J.Neurochem (handling editor), Neurochem.Res.; J. of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism.
  • Memberships of scientific organizing committees: 2006 7th Int. Brain Energy Meeting, Lausanne, Schwitzerland2008 ISN special topic conf., Beijing, China 2008 Wierzba IV: Glutamate in the tripartite synapse: functional and metabolic relations in norm and pathology, Poland 2010 9th Int. Brain Energy Meeting, Budapest, Hungary
  • Organizer of symposium: 2004 American Soc. of Neurochem, New York, USA; 2007 21th Biennial Meeting of the Int. Soc. for Neurochem, Cancun, Mexico
  • Member of: International Society for Neurochem.; Danish Society for Neuroscience; American Society of Neurochem.
  • Publications and citations: I have published 5-10 original papers reviews and book chapters per year since 2004 and have 64 publications in total. The h-index is 22.


Ph.d. pharm

ID: 983216