Hans H. Wandall

Hans H. Wandall


Hans H. Wandall 

Address:       Esperance Allé 18, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark
1999:           MD, Faculty of Health Sciences, Copenhagen  
2001:           Permission to practice independently as a physician.
2004:           PhD, Faculty of Health Sciences, Copenhagen (4th of December)

Academic appointments
2014-           Professor, ICMM, Faculty of Health, University of Copenhagen
2012-           Vice-director at Copenhagen Center for Glycomics (CCG), Danish National Research Foundation.
2008-14        Associate Professor, ICMM, Faculty of Health, University of Copenhagen
2007-08        Research Associate Professor, ICMM, Faculty of Health, University of Copenhagen.
2006-07        Visiting Lecturer in Medicine, BWH, Harvard Medical School.
2006             Resident in Neurology, University Hospital Copenhagen
2004-07        Director, Platelet program, ZymeQuest, Inc.
2004-06        Research Fellow in Medicine, BWH, Harvard Medical School.
2001-04        PhD-studies, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen. (Dec 4th).
2000-01        Internship at Copenhagen University Hospital.
1999             Military duty, 11 months.
1994-95        Scholarship with financial support from The Danish Medical Research Council.
1990-94        Research assistant at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.
1991-99        Medical School, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen. 

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health Sciences, Young Scientist award 2003. Neurological Department, University Hospital Copenhagen, Awarded “Best Clinical Instructor Fall 2006”.
Sapere Aude, Research leader 2012.

Publications: 58 original papers (1 Nature Methods, 1 Nature Medicine, 3 PNAS, 3 Blood, 6 JBC, 1 EMBO, 1 Plos Path), 3 reviews, 3 book chapters, 1 issued patent, 2 patent appl.

Meetings and Abstracts:  Invited speaker to several meetings. Participated with poster and/or oral presentations to several meetings in the field of glycobiology, cancer, and hematology.

Referee for grant agencies, including the Welcome trust, British Medical Research Council, Medical Research Council, Ireland, Estonia Research Council.

Supervisor and teaching: Supervisor for 3 post docs, 7 PhD students (4 finalized); 5 master students; 3 scholar stipends; 10 bachelor students. Teaching experience from pre-graduate (medical students) and post-graduate programs (PhD courses and medical authorization courses (A-kurser). Opponent for 3 PhD/Doctor of Science.  

Referee for scientific journals including Nature Communication, Oncogene, JBC, Scientific Reports, Clin Chem, Br. J. Cancer, Plos. One, Oral Oncology, Glycobiology, Developmental biology, Int. Journal of Cancer.  

ID: 925408