Hanne Marie Ellegård Larsen

Hanne Marie Ellegård Larsen

Ph.d. stipendiat



Research stay at Oregon State University from 3 January till 31 March. Supervisor Professor Bruce McCune. Acquired theoretical and practical experience with statistical data analysis of ecological communities including PCA, NMS, ordination, data adjustments, distance measures, PC-ORD and HyperNiche.

2016 – (2019)

Ph.D. student, Bark Ecology. University of Copenhagen. The main objective of the study is to identify the main determining factors for the occurrence and distribution of lichens on bark from selected angiosperms growing in Denmark and their relationship with bark properties and microenvironment.

2015  2016

Student assistant, The Dendrochronological Laboratory, The National Museum of Denmark. Working with time dating of wood disc samples of oak by use of micro­scope. Extensive experience in processing of wood samples and sample preparation, analyzing and interpreting data, as well as communicating the results via reports.

2014 – 2016

MSc. Agriculture, Experimental Plant Science. University of Copenhagen. Specialized in experimental plant science with focus on tree ecology, flooding, soil redox processes, secondary growth and dendrochronology.

2010 - 2014     

BSc. Forestry and Landscape Engineer. University of Copenhagen. A four-year diploma bachelor. Additional courses in biochemistry and basic and advanced plant biology.


Conferences and seminars


Speaker at the conference Forests at risk: Bialowieza and beyond, Warsaw, Poland 12. – 15. February. Presented the main findings and messages of my paper Deciduous trees as lichen phorophytes: non-random colonization patterns under comparable conditions.


Participant at the Biodiversity Symposium 2019 in Aarhus, Demark 22. – 23. January. Attended the symposium with a poster about how biodiversity of corticolous lichens differ among tree species and varies with relative sampling height.


Speaker at the Northwest Scientific Association & Northwest Lichenologists 27. – 30. March. Presented analysis and results about the influence of height on lichen distribution and the differences in species richness of lichens among Danish angiosperm tree species


Participant at the IUFRO Division 5 conference, Vancouver, Canada 12. – 16. June. Attended the conference with a poster about the water holding capacity of bark in Danish angiosperm trees.


Participant and speaker at the Science Slam workshop about communication of your research to the public with any use of electronically aids such as slide shows. The Science Slam Workshop took place the 23 March at the Big Bang Conference in Odense, Denmark. The workshop included a 7-minute presentation about my research to approx. 150 people.


Speaker at the seminar of Trees in Urban Areas
(Bytræseminar 2016). Presentation of my master thesis about the impact of flooding of Quercus robur and Quercus rubra caused by increased precipitation.



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