Ditte Brøgger
Ditte Brøgger

Gæsteforsker, ph.d.

Ditte Brøgger is an urban geographer her work focusses on the social relationship between people in urban areas and the potential of extensive link between rural and urban areas through the connections made by migrants. Her research include studies into urban assemblages, rural urban connections and knowledge in urban areas mainly in Nepal, but also in a Scandinavian context. A key part of this has been through a focus on the transformation of ordinary urban areas and the experience and practice of the urban population in their everyday life. Her current PhD work examines the social relationship between people in new emerging urban areas in small, medium and large urban areas in Nepal. Her research does also include studies of multilocality and migration and development in the South.

Primære forskningsområder

Urban Geography

Rural-Urban connections

Urban Assemblages




Urban Planing

Place Making

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