Brian Tate Weinert

Brian Tate Weinert


Primære forskningsområder

Analysis of proteins and protein posttranslational modifications by quantitative mass spectrometry with a focus on acetylation and other acylations.

Aktuel forskning

Proteome-wide analysis of acetylation dynamics in organisms ranging from bacteria to mice and human cells.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

• Proteomics course at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen
• Molecular Mechanisms of Aging and Molecular Immunology at the University of California, Berkeley
• Recipient of an Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award for creating and teaching an undergraduate seminar course


• Proteomics
• Mass spectrometry
• Posttranslational modifications, aging and lifespan
• DNA repair and recombination, and bioinformatics/data analysis

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