Bent Aasted

Bent Aasted


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Professor Bent Aasted, Phd, Dr. Sci. DVS:

Bent Aasted is professor of veterinary immunology. His main research has been on rabbit immunoglobulin allotypic and idiotypic markers and on Aleutian disease of mink, a persistent virus infection. He performed research in mink distemper virus infection, porcine reproduction and respiratory virus infection (PRRSV) and influenza virus infection in ferrets as well. He is a member of the international animal CD (Cluster of Differentiation) - and animal immunoglobulin nomenclature committees. His recent research has focused on defining animal cytokine profiles, especially in connection to infections.

Short CV

Age 59. Chair (since 1994): Veterinary Immunology at the Royal Vet. and Agri. Univ. (RVAU). Graduated in immunochemistry at the Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark (1971). Spend two years as a Research associate at the The Rockefeller Univ. New York, USA (1974 - 1976) studying rabbit immunoglobulin allotypes and idiotypes.

Associated professor at RVAU since 1978.

Spend one year at NIAID, NIH, USA studying Aleutian Mink disease (1982-1983).

Research professor at RVAU (1986-1991): Major research areas: Veterinary Immunology and Viral Pathogenesis.

Member of 12 national - and international scientific societies: Committees: Danish Society for immunology (secretary, 1985-1989) and Scand. Society for Immunology (member of the board, 1988-1993). Referee in several immunological journals.

Bibliography : More than 120 articles in international reviewed journals. Appx 50 articles concerns parvovirus infections and 30 swine immunology.

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