Anne-Sofie Dichman

Anne-Sofie Dichman

In my Phd-dissertation Sweaty bodies: Commons, genders, and foods in New Materialisms (2023), I draw on feminist theory, ethnography, and new materialism to develop a novel account of how to live and mobilize in a world of fluid – and often contested – identities. The dissertation is grounded in fieldwork with the French “gilets jaunes” (the yellow vests) who respond to decreasing support for liberal democracy, increasing social inequality, and multiple ecological crises by enacting alternative ways of living – what they refer to as “commons democracy,” by which they mean a collective and inclusive mode of self-organization that cares for common goods. The dissertation explores the gilets jaunes’ world-making practices with a particular focus on self-organization, gender politics, and care for the more-than-human, materialized in the three configurations: general assemblies, a social canteen, and a peach orchard. Drawing on the recent work of Sara Ahmed (2017) and Astrida Neimanis (2017), the dissertation sees the gilets jaunes as exemplars of “sweaty bodies”, who not only materialize through discourse but also come into being through corporeal modes of moving, working, cooking, eating, and affecting. The dissertation explores myriad critical-affirmative modes of sweat that are present in the activists’ worldlings. Together, they point to accomplishments and challenges for the gilets jaunes to relate to a broader public, to create social inclusion in the community, and to cultivate ecological attachment to the common good, notably to food. Finally, the figuration of sweaty bodies, developed in the dissertation, suggests a new theoretical-methodological approach to studies of/with precarious and more-than-human bodies from a feminist and ecological perspective

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    More-than-human gender performativity

    Dichman, Anne-Sofie, 2 mar. 2023, I: Distinktion. 17 s.

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