Anders P. Tøttrup

Anders P. Tøttrup



2009              PhD in Migration Ecology, Department of Biology,University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2004              MSc in Population Ecology, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen 

Positions held

2015-present        Director of Education, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen

2012-present        Associate Professor, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen

2009-2012           Post doc, Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, University of Copenhagen.

2005-2008           PhD student, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Academic experience

  • 49 peer-reviewed scientific papers, H-index: 21, 1350 citations in Web of Science.

  • Regular symposium convener, e.g.:  European Ornithologists’ Conference, 2015 and International Ornithological Conference, Tokyo, 2014

  • Reviewer for top journals:           

General Biology (e.g. Proc Roy Soc B, Biology Letters), Ecology (e.g. Journal of Animal Ecology, Ecography), Ornithology (e.g. Journal of Avian Biology, IBIS)

  • Main author on 4 Environmental Impact Assessment reports

  • 5 scientific reports since 2005

  • >60 popular articles and book reviews within Ornithology and Conservation since 2005


Higher Education Teaching and Teaching Practice Programme for assistant professors. “Adjunktpædagogikum”. Workload: 250 hours.

Certified to teach English-medium courses by KU Centre for Internationalisation and parallel language use with the result of “4” (on a 1-5 scale where 5 is best)

Planning, giving lectures and exercises, as well as student assessment and course evaluation on:Danish Fauna – vertebrates (BSc) and Ornithology (MSc)

Lecturing: Nature Management (MSc), Conservation Biology (BSc/MSc), Ornithology (MSc)


Annually         4 MSc students and 3 BSc students

2007-2015      11 MSc project and 21 BSc projects


Organisational and field work experience

  • Extensive training in bird identification, bird surveys, ringing, conventional radio-tracking as well as handling and capturing birds.
  • Organised and preformed field work in Tanzania, Ghana, Niger, Greenland, USA, Israel, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.
  • Editor of popular scientific journal: Fugle i felten published by BirdLife Denmark with focus on Field Ornithology (2003-2005).
  • Executive board member of BirdLife Denmark (since 2007-2011)
  • Chairman of the scientific committee of BirdLife Denmark (2012-present) member since 2008.


Research grants:          Carlsberg 1-year Individual post doc (2011), Villum Fonden 2-year individual post doc (2012)

Project grants:                    

  • Golden Eagle Project (Aage V. Jensen Foundation, 2015, 132000€)
  • Citizen Science Project with Danish Nature Protection Society (Aage V. Jensen Foundation,  2013, 1,900,000 €)
  • Citizen Science Project with WWF (Aage V. Jensen Foundation, 2013, 890,000 €)

Travel grants:              NSF USA (2010, 840 USD); Migration Interest Group Research Applied Toward Education (2008, 1000 €); Dansk Naturhistorisk Forening (2004, 660 €)

Fieldwork grants:        KIIIP Greenland Homerule Fund (2006, 4600 €), Bodil Pedersen Fund (2006, 1300 €), Torben & Alice Frimodt Fund (2006, 1300 €), Julie von Müllens Fund/The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, (2006, 3300 €), Japetus Steenstrups Fund (2006, 400 €), Oticon Fund (2006, 1600 €), Aalborg Zoo’s Greenlandic Grant (2005, 1300 €)



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