Aart Kroon

Aart Kroon


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My scientific research within Physical Geography is focused on coastal, fluvial and aeolian geomorphology and morphodynamic processes on sandy beaches and on deltas. The adopted approach follows a classic morphodynamic approach where I study the mutual interactions between the processes, sediment transport rates and morphological adaptation on a wide range of temporal and spatial scales: from the evolution of intertidal bars to the evolution of beach ridge plains. The final goal is to come with conceptual models that can be used to explain the dynamics of morphologic features, keeping the processes in mind.

The research is largely based on experimental field work and also incorporates innovative techniques in remote sensing with openings towards modelling based on (geo) statistical analysis of data. Field experiments on sandy beaches were made along the coasts of the North Sea and Baltic Sea in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Denmark, and in Australia. Field experiments on deltaic systems were made in China, Vietnam and along the Wadden Sea.

At present, I'm very active in research related to Arctic coastal environments in Greenland. Here I look to the development of deltas and look to the longer-term evolution of beach ridge plains in relation to relative sea-level changes. Besides, I work in interdisciplinary projects regarding the threats of climate change induced impacts on existing archaeological sites. 

My current scientific activities also include the impact of climate change on the coastal environments in temperate regions like Denmark. Here I'm focused on estimating the effects of sea level rise, extreme events and sediment perturbations on the erosion and flooding of the shores and try to address the posibilities to cope with it in the coastal zone management context.  

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