What makes global climate governance so hard?: The sovereignty paradox and how to solve it

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Ian James Manners - Paneldeltager

Inge Kaul, former Director at the United Nations Development Pro­gramme and Adjunct professor at Hertie School of Governance, Germany will give a talk on What makes global climate governance so hard?

The talk is followed by a panel debate with Maria Figueroa, IPCC author and postdoc at Copenhagen Business School
Ian Manners, Professor in global politics at the University of Copenhagen
and moderated by Jens Hoff, Professor in Political Science at the University of

Ian Manners studies the EU and global governance at the intersections of global economy, society, environment, conflict and politics. For global environment he focuses specifically on the promotion of sustainable development and addressing global warming. He has contributed to three major handbooks of European/EU politics/studies and In 2007 the members of the European Union Studies Association voted his work on ‘Normative Power Europe: A Contradiction in Terms?’ one of the five most important academic EU works of the last decade. He is Professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen.
2 jun. 2014

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