Understanding the European Union in Global Politics: Reflecting on the Study of Normative Power

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag og mundtlige bidrag

Ian James Manners - Foredragsholder

'How does the presence of the European Union shape the norms and normality, policies and polities of global politics? It will be argued that understanding the EU in global politics involves not just the study of EU external actions, but also critical reflection on the means of analysis and the sociology of knowledge and production of EU external actions. In an era of EU crisis, such a reflection is essential for the health of the study of the EU and, perhaps, the EU itself. Beste Isleyen, postdoctoral research at ACCESS EUROPE, will provide a first comment on the lecture.

Ian Manners is professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen and has published widely on the EU’s normative power in global politics. His article ‘Normative Power Europe: a contradiction in terms?’ of 2002 is one of the most influential academic articles on the EU of the 21st century. It has not only left a major mark on the scientific debate on the EU as an international actor, it also was picked up by EU policy-makers. For example, former Commission President Barroso in an interview stated that the EU is “one of the most important (…) normative powers in the world.”
12 feb. 2015

Begivenhed (Seminar)

TitelUnderstanding the European Union in Global Politics
AfholdelsesstedMetropolitan building, VU University.

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