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Marta Kirilova - Taler

Title: Avoiding communication, avoiding impact? Abstract: In line with the global discussion on scientific impact, there has been a growing focus in Scandinavia on how different research disciplines and methodologies contribute to society. At a recent conference on the impact of The Humanities in Denmark, a number of commonly held assumptions about qualitative research fueled a wider debate. One of the assumptions voiced, was that qualitative research, for example research within language, culture and identity, does not create enough impact as it is difficult to convert the “product” into immediate economic benefits and countable entities. Another assumption expressed, was that researchers within the humanities are less keen to communicate their research results. This is partly because they are not interested in creating an impact, and party because they wish to avoid publicity to protect the company or the institution which they have researched. One common criticism addressed was that an unnecessary amount of time was spent “lurking and soaking” but nothing useful came out of it. In this talk, I am going to elaborate on the issue of impact, research ethics, biased reporting and research responsibility by focusing on the following questions: 1) What are the implications of reporting research back to companies? and 2) Does reporting research influence scientific impact and if yes, how? In the first part of the talk, I will present interactional data from job interviews to exemplify some difficulties in reporting back. In the second part of the talk, I will show pilot data from a survey I conducted among fellow researchers on the challenges of reporting results back to companies and institutions aiming at exploring how young scholars convey knowledge and scientific results to companies and institutions that have provided them with research data.
apr. 2015


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