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Gloria Cristina Cordoba Currea

Gloria Cristina Cordoba Currea


Medical Doctor with a Master degree in Public Health with clinical, managerial and research experience in Primary Care. Currently, my main areas of work are quality improvement and research on use of antibiotics in primary care as a means to reduce the development of antibiotic resistance .

Primære forskningsområder

primary care

Antibiotic resistance

Respiratory tract Infections

Urinary tract Infections

Aktuel forskning

  1. Assessment of the validity of different diagnostic approaches in patients with suspected urinary tract infections.
  2. Prevalence of the ESBL-producing E.coli in primary care settings
  3. RCT to assess the equivalence of Ibuprofen vs Pivmecillinam for the management of uncomplicated cystitis
  4. Audit of prescription patterns in primary care for Respiratory tract infections in Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay


Quality development in primary care

Infection diseases in primary care

Evidence-based medicine

Global health

Antibiotic resistance

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