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Sine Larsen

Sine Larsen

Professor emeritus

Sine Larsen research is in the areas of structural chemistry and structural biology, where her primary tool is X-ray crystallographic methods. 

She was Director of the Centre for Crystallographic Studies 1993-2004 one of the first 23 centres of Danish National Research Foundation.

Sine Larsen was General Secretary and Treasurer of the International Union of X-ray Crystallography (IUCr) 1996-2005, and in 2008 elected president of the IUCr serving on the Executive Committee 2008-2014.  (

Since 2003 she has been heavily involved in the large research infrastructures generating X-ray synchrotron radiation and neutrons, as a Director of Research for Life Sciences at ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility 2003-2009 and as Director of the MAX IV Laboratory 2011-2012.  

Presently she serves as a member of the advisory committees of several large facilities. 

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