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Find en forsker

Poul Erik Jensen

Poul Erik Jensen



  • Construction and functional analysis of Arabidopsis and tobacco plants lacking specific subunits of photosystem I by antisense suppression and gene knock-outs.

  • The biochemistry of late steps in the chlorophyll biosynthesis pathway and identification of new proteins and their corresponding genes.

  • Determination of protein topology and insertion mechanisms by using in vitro import assays of radio-labelled precursor proteins into isolated chloroplasts and thylakoids.

  • Assembly and turnover of photosystem I by the use of mutants with different stability of PSI in combination with pulse-labelling and analysis of the protein complexes using blue-native gel electrophoresis.

  • Exploiting photosystem I in synthetic biology

Administrative and professional activities

  • Head of Section for Molecular Plant Biology

ID: 4232032