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Luis Ignacio Toledo Lazaro

Luis Ignacio Toledo Lazaro


Luis Ignacio ToledoLazaro's research has focused on understanding how cells respond to genotoxic stress, and more in detail on deciphering the biology of the ATR kinase, a key member of the DNA damage response. ATR masters the responses to stress during DNA replication, what makes it essential for cells to proliferate. ATR inhibition leads to replication born damage and cell death, and chemical inhibitors of the kinase are considered of great potential in the treatment of cancer. However, we still do not fully understand the mechanisms by which ATR is critical to ensure cell viability.

During his PhD at Oskar Fernandez Capetillo’s lab in Madrid, Luis Ignacio Toledo was involved in different projects that aimed to understand ATR functions in vitro and in vivo. He generated a system to activate ATR in an artificial way in culture cells, which led to the development of a screen to identify ATR inhibitors. Complementary, he participated in the development of mouse models hypomorphic for ATR, which proved the concept of synthetic lethality between ATR deficiency and the replication stress induced by some oncogenes, like Myc.

In Jiri Lukas’ lab Luis Ignacio Toledois trying to understand in more detail the mechanisms by which ATR protects the genome during replication, with the ultimate goal of applying that basic knowledge to the development of more effective and comprehensive anti cancer therapies.

ID: 38168750