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Andres Lopez-Contreras

Andres Lopez-Contreras


Aktuel forskning

Exploring the impact of Replication Stress on Ageing and Cancer
This project is financed from the Danish National Research Program “Sapere Aude – DFF Starting Grant”

Identification of novel targets for the BRCA1 ubiquitin ligase activity.
This project is funded by a KBVU Project from the Danish Cancer Society.


Andres J Lopez-Contreras (Group Leader)
Alexandra Avram (Lab technician)
Mauro Sbroggió (postdoc) 
Eliene Albers (research assistant)

Dr. Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo, Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), Madrid, Spain
Prof. Ian D. Hickson, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Prof. Rafael Peñafiel-Garcia, University of Murcia, Spain
Dr. Javier Muñoz, Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), Madrid, Spain
Dr. Andre Nussenzweig, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA
Dr. Jeremy A. Daniel, Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Jesper V. Olsen, CPR, Copenhagen, Denmark (mass spectrometry for quantitative proteomics)
Lene J. Rasmussen, CEHA, Copenhagen, Denmark (genomic instability and mitochondrial function)

Primære forskningsområder

DNA damage and DNA repair, Replication Stress, Mouse models of cancer and ageing.

ID: 122743856