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Albert Gjedde

Albert Gjedde

Professor emeritus

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Currently 432 peer-reviewed publications listed in Web of Science - with an average of 26,78 citations per item and a Hirsch index of 52
  1. 1999
  2. NMSP binding to dopamine and serotonin receptors in MPTP-induced parkinsonism: relation to dopa therapy. / Borbely, K; Brooks, R A; Wong, D F; Burns, R S; Cumming, P; Gjedde, A; Di Chiro, G.

    I: Acta Neurologica Scandinavica, Bind 100, Nr. 1, 1999, s. 42-52.

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  3. Myocardial glucose uptake measured with fluorodeoxyglucose: a proposed method to account for variable lumped constants. / Bøtker, H E; Goodwin, G W; Holden, J E; Doenst, T; Gjedde, A; Taegtmeyer, H.

    I: Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Bind 40, Nr. 7, 1999, s. 1186-96.

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  4. Cerebral dopamine concentrations during levodopa treatment. / Cumming, P; Hermansen, F; Gjedde, A.

    I: Neurology, Bind 53, Nr. 6, 1999, s. 1374-5.

    Publikation: ForskningLetter

  5. Cocaine withdrawal and the cerebral influx of [18F]fluoro-L-DOPA (FDOPA). / Cumming, P; Reith, J; Gjedde, A.

    I: Neuropsychopharmacology, Bind 20, Nr. 4, 1999, s. 395-8.

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  6. Pharmacokinetics of radiotracers in human plasma during positron emission tomography. / Cumming, P; Yokoi, F; Chen, A; Deep, P; Dagher, A; Reutens, D; Kapczinski, F; Wong, D F; Gjedde, A.

    I: Synapse (New York), Bind 34, Nr. 2, 1999, s. 124-34.

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  7. Cerebral 6-[(18)F]fluoro-L-DOPA (FDOPA) metabolism in pig studied by positron emission tomography. / Danielsen, E H; Smith, D F; Gee, A D; Venkatachalam, T K; Hansen, Søren Baarsgaard; Hermansen, F; Gjedde, A; Cumming, P.

    I: Synapse (New York), Bind 33, Nr. 4, 1999, s. 247-58.

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  8. Stimulation of dopa decarboxylase activity in striatum of healthy human brain secondary to NMDA receptor antagonism with a low dose of amantadine. / Deep, P; Dagher, A; Sadikot, A; Gjedde, A; Cumming, P.

    I: Synapse (New York), Bind 34, Nr. 4, 1999, s. 313-8.

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  9. Oxygen consumption of cerebral cortex fails to increase during continued vibrotactile stimulation. / Fujita, H; Kuwabara, H; Reutens, D C; Gjedde, A.

    I: Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, Bind 19, Nr. 3, 1999, s. 266-71.

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  10. Gradients of the brain. / Gjedde, A.

    I: Brain, Bind 122 ( Pt 11), 1999, s. 2013-4.

    Publikation: ForskningLeder

  11. On the oxygenation of hemoglobin in the human brain. / Gjedde, A; Poulsen, P H; Østergaard, Leif.

    I: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Bind 471, 1999, s. 67-81.

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

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