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Jeanette Landgrebe

Jeanette Landgrebe


I am a member of CIRCD and employed as a postdoc in the VELUX financed project: Professionals' use of video meetings. In this project we adress strengths and weaknesses and explore possible improvements for this type of practice. 

For more information about the VELUX project: 

Primære forskningsområder

Framed within an ethnomethodological and conversation analytical perspective (EM/CA), my research interests cover broad aspects of social interaction in organisational contexts, ranging from ICT-mediated interaction between professionals and citizens in municipalities, ICT-mediated R&D meetings, and digital teambased meetings in international business settings and diverse face-to-face encounters, e.g. Lean meetings, recovery meetings and innovation and design workshops.  Different contexts allow or restrain participants in interaction to employ different multimodal resources as part of their sense-making activities, and present interest is particularly on how rapport building and identity construction is interactionally accomplished in online task-oriented institutional encounters. 

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Teaching areas: Qualitative Methods; Development and Design of Communication Solutions; Identity and Conversation Analysis; Communication in Global Contexts.

Supervision: Master's theses on aspects of online communication, written interaction, and social psychiatric online recovery meetings.

ID: 172784724