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Deniz Neriman Duru

Deniz Neriman Duru


Medlem af:


    PhD in Social Anthropology - University of Sussex (2013)
    BA in Anthropology - SOAS, University of London (2008)

    Occupation and Projects 

    • Postdoc - Department of Media, Cognition and  Communication within the EUROCHALLENGE project (Feb 2014 - Present)
    • Postdoc - Sociology Department, University of York (UK), within the EUCROSS FP7 project (October 2012- February 2014)
    • Associate Tutor in Social Anthropology- University of Sussex (October 2008 - October 2012)

    Awards and Grants

    Funds for Women Graduates Oct 2011-Sept 2012
    - External PhD Funding for the writing up year
    ORSAS (Overseas Research Student Awards Scheme) 2008-2011
    - External PhD funding
    The Anthropology Departmental Fellowship (2008- 2012)
    - Internal PhD funding


    ID: 97573539