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Signe Holm Pedersen

Signe Holm Pedersen

Ekstern lektor

Primære forskningsområder

Psykoanalyse, mentalisering, Reflective Functioning, bulimi

Aktuel forskning



2014 -                                              Metacognition and Affect Regulation in Patients Suffering from Bulimia Nervosa.

                                                          I am currently undertaking a reliability test in coding of MAS. Subsequently I shall in collaboration with Professor Paul Lysaker, Indiana University School of Medicine modify the Metacognitive Assessment Scale (MAS) to be applied to patients suffering from eating disorders with the aim of using the MAS scale to examine the relationship between on the one hand metacognitive abilities and on the other hand abilities to regulate or master psychological difficulties. I aim at publishing an empirical article in Journal of Clinical Psychology


2014-                                               The Mental Anchoring of the Body in the Psyche

                                                          In collaboration with associate professors Susanne Lunn and Stig Poulsen I am currently examining different psychoanalytical theories’ conception of how representations of the body are anchored in the psyche and how this process is disturbed in patients suffering from eating disorders.  We aim at publishing a theoretical article in theInternational Journal of Psychoanalysis.


2013-                                              High Mentalization and Bulimia Nervosa. A Contradiction in Terms. A

          Qualitative Study.

In collaboration with Associate Professors Susanne Lunn and Stig Poulsen I have conducted a qualitative study of five interviews with high mentalizing patients suffering from Bulimia Nervosa. The qualitative study has been completed and an advanced draft has been written. We aim at publishing the article in European Eating Disorders Review.


2013 -                                              Psychodynamic Profile and Reflective Functioning in Bulimia Nervosa

                                                          In collaboration with associate professors Birgit Bork Mathiesen, Susanne Lunn and Stig Poulsen, I am examining the correlation between the ability to mentalize, measured on RF, and aspects of the personality related to the ability to regulate affects as measured by the Karolinska Psychodynamic Profile (KAPP).  Data have been run and an advanced draft of the article has been written. We aim at publishing the article in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica.


2011- 2013                                     Discussions on the Early Motherly Function as Conceptualized in Different Psychoanalytic Theories.

Theoretical discussions with associate professors Susanne Lunn and Stig Poulsen on the relationship between the concepts of affect regulation, holding, containing and mirroring. The discussions have resulted in an article accepted for publication in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis.


2011 - 2013                                    Predicting Anxiety in Clinically Referred Children: Examining the Influence of Attachment, Psychopathology and Reflective Functioning in the Parents.

                                                          In collaboration with Professor Howard Steele, the New School for Social Research New York and the Copenhagen Child Anxiety Project (CCAP) this project used the instrument Reflective Functioning to assess the influence of parental levels of mentalization on levels of anxiety in the offspring. The collaboration resulted in an article published in British Journal of Clinical Psychology


2011 – 2013                                   Psychic Reality vs. Psychological Reality

Examination of the concept of psychic reality in different psychoanalytic writings. The examination resulted in an article published in the Scandinavian Psychoanalytic Review


2011 -                                              Relationship between the Prevailing Theories of the Self and Ideas of Curative Factors.

An ongoing examination of the relationship between contemporary personality psychological theories of the self and these theories’ ideas or concepts of what causes change in psychotherapy.


2010 - 2012                                    Status of the Unconscious in Contemporary Psychoanalysis.

Together with associate professors Judy Gammelgaard, Birgit Bork Mathiesen, Katrine Zeuthen, PhD. fellows Martin Morsing and Charlotte Simonsen I have examined the status of the unconscious in contemporary Psychoanalysis. The collaboration resulted in the book “ Det taler” [it speaks], which has been published by Akademisk Forlag [the Academic Publischers].


2010 -                                              Change of RF in a Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Bulimia Nervosa

                                                          An examination of changes in Reflective Functioning as a result of psychotherapeutic treatment. This project is a collaboration with PhD fellow Hannah Katznelson and associate professors Susanne Lunn and Stig Poulsen.


April 2006 - Jan. 2011                PhD study: Reflective Functioning and Bulimia Nervosa. Binding, Affect Regulation and Psychic Reality 

                                                          The PhD study is a combination of an empirical investigation of mentalizing abilities in 70 patients suffering from Bulimia Nervosa and a theoretical discussion of the concept of subjectivity embedded in the theory of mentalization, and the implication of this concept for the understanding of psychic health, psychopathology and psychotherapeutic treatment.


Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Forår 2007: Klinisk psykologisk seminarhold: Den refleksive funktion og forandring i psykoterapi



Psykoanalyse, psykoanalytisk psykoterapi, refleksiv funktion, mentalisering, bulimi

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